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BAREFOOT is organised by the association Połczyn Cultural Innovations in collaboration with the Cultural Centre, the City Hall and the municipality of Połczyn Zdrój.

Organizers, partners, volunteers and the rest of the helpful elves:

Joanna Lorenc

Dawid Lorenc

Kamil Lorenc

Natalia Wilk

Sonia Nieśpiałowska-Owczarek

Katarzyna Stasiak

Alicja Róża

Michał Ratajski

Krystyna Lama Szydłowska

Karolina Kardasz

Paulina Nowicka

Anna Mikuła

Gosia Piotrowska

Julek Południak

Bartek Wilniewicz

Amelka Mazurewicz

Natalka Kowalska

Kaja Kalota

Bartek Widerski

Ariel Kozak

A short history of OWTW:

The history of the All-Poland Contemporary Dance Workshop Festival is fifteen years old. The workshop festival in Połczyn is a continuation of the Koszalin workshops which took place in the 90’s, with the working title Summer Dance School. And the Summer Dance School was a child of the All-Poland Interdisciplinary Workshop Festiwal in Płock – the first ever workshop which took place in Poland after the second world war. The workshop, financed by the National Centre of Culture, primarly took place in Koszalin, and in 2000, with the initiative of Witold Jurewicz and Małgorzata Lorenc, the workshop has moved to Połczyn-Zdrój. Due to lack of subsidies, starting from 2004 for two years, the workshop has not taken place. In 2005, Małgorzata Lorenc – dance instructor in the Połczyn Cultural Centre, has taken over fully the organization of the festival and continued to collaborate with Witold Jurewicz. In the next years, the workshop was developing and attracting more and more participants every year, which made the whole event popular in all Poland. In 2009, Joanna, Dawid and Kamil Lorenc, the children of Małgorzata Lorenc, have joined the ogranization team. In 2010, the new founded association Połczyn Cultural Innovations (Stowarzyszenie Połczyńskie Innowacje Kulturalne) has fully taken over the organization of the workshop festival, and doubled the number of participants the next year. In 2011, the OWTW co-organization and coordination team has welcomed the new member – Dawid Lorenc, dancer, instructor, participant of many international projects and festivals in Poland and Europe. In 2012,despite the lack of subsidy for the festival project, the association Połczyn Cultural Innovations (PiK) has succeeded to organize the biggest ever OWTW edition. This huge promotional and ogranizational success was possible thanks to the collaboration with partners from the private sector in our region, as well as other industry partners, like e.g. Fundacja Kina Tańca (Dance Cinema Foundation). The festival is also a very good team of volunteers and co-organizers.

Below, you can get to know our Partners.

Poniżej przedstawiam Wam naszych Partnerów

Uzdrowisko Połczyn Grupa PGU S.A.
Klubokawiarnia Kulturalna
Centrum Kultury w Połczynie-Zdroju
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