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The workshop take place 22-24 July and 26-28 July. Saturday, the 21st and Sunday, the 29th July are the days of arrival and departure of all participants. Wednesday, the 25th July is free.

Each class (1,5h long) and thematic module (3-4h long) with a teacher of choice will take place for 6 days, each day at the same time of the day and is considered as one workshop.

To become a participant, you have to choose minimum 4 hours of classes each day; laboratories and open classes are not included.


One-off administrative fee, charged after arrival:  20 €

Prices / hour of workshops:

    Classes = 8 € / hour.

    Thematic modules and Ray Chung = 10 € / hour. (except for the Pilates instructor course)

Class or thematic module with two instructors = 12 € / hour.

    Laboratories = 4 €.

    Open classes = 2 €.

Before the registration, we would like to ask you to make effort, read the terms and conditions and honestly assess your level of advancement.

You can download the terms and conditions by clicking on this link :

Terms and conditions 2018

Levels and sophistication criteria:


Basic knowledge about movement and body, basic coordination and learning capacity; there is no preknowledge required to participate in open classes. No contraindications to perform increased physical activity.


Requires a good body-mind awareness. Minimum 4 years of dance experience, a regular participation in classes and workshops. Taking part of festivals / spectacles,

showings / miniatures / études, jam sessions.


Minimum age: 21. Selection carried out by the organizers and instructors is based on the sent applications. Minimum 6 years of dance experience, participation in contemporary dance workshops, regular participation in contemporary dance classes and Contact Improvisation, very good knowledge about dance terminology, perfect body awareness, participation in spectacles / festivals / projects at national and international level.

!!! DISOUNT !!!

For good old friends. If you have three certificates of participation in our festival in Połczyn – you don’t have to pay the accreditation fee.

If you have at least five certificates of participation in our festival, you not only don’t have to pay the accreditation fee, but also, you have a free entrance to all open classes and laboratories!

Registration begins in a few days, but you can already log in or register by klicking on the link below:

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